Important Privacy Notice

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT: Kiwibank Personal Loans are provided by Latitude Financial Services Limited and therefore documents you receive may include Kiwibank or Latitude Financial Services Limited branding.

Latitude Financial Services Limited is a Qualifying Financial Entity under the Financial Advisers Act and is a member of the Insurance and Savings Ombudsman Scheme, which is an approved scheme providing a free independent dispute resolution service to customers. A full disclosure statement is available on request or online at

To: Latitude Financial Services Limited, PO Box 4058, Shortland Street, Auckland 1140 ("Latitude").

I/We understand there is no obligation to provide personal information, including driver licence details, but if I/we fail to supply any information requested, or do not agree to any of the disclosures detailed in this acknowledgement, my/our application may not be accepted. I/We certify that all information contained in this application is true and correct, and where applicable, I have the permission of my spouse/partner to disclose his/her personal information.

I/We authorise Latitude to make all necessary enquiries and receive information concerning my/our credit rating, any outstanding fines, residence, employment and my/our identity from Kiwibank Limited and other credit providers, credit reporters, identity verification service entities, government agencies, my employer, my accountant, or other named persons, and where applicable, to obtain such information relating to my/our driver licence(s) from NZ Transport Agency as is authorised by the Land Transport Act 1998, for the purpose of considering this application. I/we agree that this authority may be provided to such parties for these purposes. I/we also agree that my personal information may be shared with NZ Post, or any other entity employed by Latitude, for the purpose of verifying my/our identity.

I/we understand that my/our personal information will be given to credit and that those credit reporters may hold the information on their systems and disclose it to authorised users of the credit reporters' services. I/we also understand that information about my creditworthiness and credit history may be disclosed to any credit provider named in a credit report relating to me/us.

I/We acknowledge that if Latitude provides finance it may collect and monitor such personal information about me/us as is necessary for the administration and protection of such credit (including without limitation utilising any credit reporters’ monitoring services to receive updates if the information held about me/us changes), and may disclose repayment history information, details relating to my/our account, and any payment default information to Kiwibank Limited and credit reporters which may hold the information on their systems and disclose it to authorised users of the credit reporters’ services. Latitude may also (if necessary) disclose my/our personal information to any person Latitude may appoint to assist in enforcement of any agreement between Latitude and me/us.

I/We agree that where I/we have requested insurance cover through Latitude, my/our personal information may be disclosed to Hallmark Life Insurance Company Limited and Hallmark General Insurance Company Limited or any other insurer as is necessary to enable those companies to consider that request.

I/We authorise Latitude and its related entities, and Kiwibank Limited to share and use all personal information held about me/us now or in the future to offer me/us further finance, to consider any future application of finance from me/us, and to offer or provide me/us with details of other products and services from time to time. The personal information will be held at the offices of Latitude. Where the personal information may readily be retrieved, I/we shall have access to it and the right to request correction.

I/We agree that Latitude may communicate with me/us via mail, email or telephone (including SMS/MMS) for all purposes but understand that there may be security risks relating to the electronic transmission of information, and that Latitude cannot guarantee confidentiality. If my/our application is approved, I/we consent to all disclosure documents required for the purpose of the Credit Contracts and Consumer Finance Act 2003 being sent either by mail or in electronic form.