Verify your identity with a credit reporting body

Kiwibank Personal Loans is required by the Anti-Money Laundering & Counter-Terrorism Financing Act 2006 to verify my identity before providing me with a product or service.

By Checking this box (or acknowledging this statement), I agree I have read this information and allow Aussie Personal Loans to provide personal information about me to a Credit Reporting Agency to enable verification of my identity.

Personal information that Aussie Personal Loans may provide to the credit reporting agency includes:

  • My full name
  • My address
  • My date of birth

I understand that in addition to the circumstances described in the privacy consent, my personal information will be used by the credit reporting agency and by Aussie Personal Loans to assess whether the information provided by Aussie Personal Loans matches the information held about me by the credit reporting agency for the purpose of verifying my identity. I also understand that use of my personal information in this way does not constitute a credit check or impact my credit standing in any way.

The credit reporting agency may inform Aussie Personal Loans as to whether the personal information provided is a full or partial match with information held on credit information files. Aussie Personal Loans cannot rectify any discrepancies but will advise me by email and provide contact details of the credit reporting agency where I can confirm my details.

How else can I verify my identity?

Verification with a credit reporting agency is the fastest way to establish however, Aussie Personal Loans offers alternatives, for anyone not wishing to use their personal information held at a credit reporting agency, you can take your identity documents, together with a copy of the Australia Post Identify verification Form to any participating Post Office.