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  • Privacy and Credit reporting

    Broker Scripting - Privacy and 21T Consent
    The customer has been read and agrees to the Important Privacy Notice.
  • Product Disclosure

    Broker Scripting - O&R's
    A Latitude Financial Services Personal Loan is a fixed term, fixed rate product, and taking out a credit contract requires an establishment fee of no more than $250 and a monthly account fee of $13. The customer has confirmed that this meets their needs.
  • Electronic Communication

    Broker Scripting - Consent to receive documents electronically
    The customer consents to receiving a copy of the Latitude loan contract (including the Financial Table), credit guide, direct debit agreement, and settlement documents electronically.
  • Electronic Identification (optional)

    "Broker Scripting - EIDV
    The customer consents to Latitude Financial Services electronically verifying their identity in agreement with the consent script read to the customer."
  • Maximum Limit (optional)

    Broker Scripting - HAS
    The customer would like to know the total loan amount that they are eligible to borrow, based on the information provided in their application.
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